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Category Wand

  • Attack Speed: Faster

  • Weapon Attack 36 ~ 47 (41)
  • Magic Attack 59 ~ 74 (66)
  • Int +2 (1~4)
  • Luk +1 (0~3)

Upgrades Available 7

Found By: Not found by anything
NPC Sell Price 170,000 mesos


  • *XD*
    January 11, 2012

    Can find in FM>.<?

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  • *aznopsgirl96*
    November 13, 2011

    I got this wand 4 free from my friend, but how do i use it, none of the skills i hav wrk Wat skills r required....

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  • *qwerty*
    September 22, 2011

    i just bought for 1mil in fm

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  • *DGelnido*
    June 25, 2011

    just bought one in the fm for 5mil ;D

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  • *COOLBR33Z*
    May 28, 2011

    im selling this wand and its scrolled for 18 mil on zenith server. usually form fm 1-4

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  • *godofdoom888*
    January 22, 2011

    I just found this on gach from ellinia on zenith

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  • *lagerhealer*
    December 17, 2010

    in maplystory northamarica u cant find it in less u have play since the beging of the game cuz that quest is nolonger there it was in ludie was form the person called toy maqker

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  • *omg123*
    October 28, 2010

    in maplesea u can get it from tengu which is at encounter with the buddha at japan

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  • *JohnD0e*
    September 09, 2010

    hello!!! i play mapleeurope in kradia and i sell this wand for 20 mill or offer !!!

    my name of the character is :  JohnD0e

    the o in D0e is an  Zero>0

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  • *MageFlarer*
    July 09, 2010

    u get it from a boss and its called "the boss" lv175

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  • *kopietz*
    March 13, 2010

    if someone finds a quest for this wand, please tell this site...

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