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Dungeon Ellinia Henesys Kerning City
Event Perion Nautilus Lith Harbor

Silver Mane

There is no level requirment

Before Starting Quest:

Started Quest:

Required Items:

1 Hog
1 Hog
600 Rexton Leather
400 Wooden Shoulder Pad
400 Skull Shoulder Pad
Requires Pheromone Perfume completed

Finished Quest:

Rewards (Randomly):

1 Silver Mane
50,000 Experience
-50,000,000 Mesos


  • *Tifrah*
    September 30, 2012

    am i the only 1 who cant even start the quest?, for some reason it wont even gimme the option to start it... fml=.="

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  • *dam*
    April 08, 2012

    lol just gathered all this up and it was wrong nice going

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  • *geyJB*
    April 14, 2011
  • *HealerKidd*
    January 22, 2011

    ikr where do u even get that stuff

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  • *Wes*
    January 17, 2011

    This quest needs to be updated.  Post Big Bang patch you will need 500 of each Pin Hov's Charm and Cracked Shell.  Not the Rexton leather, skulls, or shoulder pads T_T

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