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List of Cash shop items / List of Items
Pic Name
Item Pick-up Skill (5190000)
Adds the item pick-up skill to a pet.
Available to pets that can only pick up Mesos.
HP Charge Skill (5190001)
Adds to automatic potion-feeding skill to the pet.
Available to all pets that do not have this option.
Expand Range Skill (5190002)
Use this scroll to expand the pet's moving range by 3 times.
Only available to pets that have automatic pick-up skills, cannot be used on top of each other.
Automatic Pick-Up Skill (5190003)
A skill that enables pets to pick up items and mesos within the area without the character having to move.
Available to pets with Mesos pick-up, item pick-up skills.
(+) Pick up Leftover Item & Meso Skills (5190004)
Adds the skill that enables pets to pick up mesos and items that have been dropped for more than 30 seconds, thus rendering it as leftovers.
Available to pets that have Meso pick-up skills as well as item pick-up skills.
Unpickable item skill (5190005)
The skill that makes pet not picking up any selected item.
s only pet mounted meso or item collecting function can use the skill.
MP potion recharge skill (5190006)
The skill that automatically recharges one's MP provided you have set the option up in the system option.
The skill applies to all pet that does not have the skillt.
(-) Delete Item Pick-Up (5191000)
Use this scroll to disable the pet from picking up items.
(-) Delete HP Charge (5191001)
Use this scroll to disable the pet from automatically feeding the character when the HP reaches critical stage.
(-)Delete Expand Range (5191002)
Use this scroll to return the range of pet's movement back to normal.
(-) Delete Automatic Pick-Up (5191003)
Use this scroll to disable the pet from picking up items and mesos.
(-) Delete Pick up Leftover Item & Meso (5191004)
Use this scroll to disable pets from picking up leftover items and mesos, the ones that have been dropped for more than 30 seconds.

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