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Stores Library / List of Stores
Name Found at
Bronze Mushroom Shrine
Miki New Leaf City - Town Center
Janken Mushroom Shrine
Kyle New Leaf City - Town Center
Vivian Boutique Amoria Wedding Shop
Miki New Leaf City - Town Center
Laya Mu Lung
Taru Mushroom Shrine
Robo Mushroom Shrine
Gong Gong Mu Lung
Jin Jia Mushroom Shrine
Delphi New Leaf City - Town Center
Pan Southperry Armor Store
Sid Amherst Weapon Store
Lucy Amherst Department Store
Sam Henesys Weapon Store
Karl Henesys Weapon Store
Luna Henesys Department Store
Flora the Fairy Ellinia Weapon Store
Len the Fairy Ellinia Department Store
El Moth The Tree That Grew III
Harry Perion Weapon Store
River Perion Weapon Store
Arturo Perion Department Store
Don Hwang Kerning City Self-Defence Item Store
Cutthroat Manny Kerning City Self-Defence Item Store
Dr. Faymus Kerning City Pharmacy
Chris Kerning City Repair Shop
Natasha Lith Harbor Armor Shop
Silver Lith Harbor Weapon Shop
Mina Lith Harbor Department Store
Mr. Sweatbottom Regular Sauna
24 Hr Mobile Store Ant Tunnel Park
Tulcus The Swamp of Despair II
Nuri the Fairy Orbis Weapon Store
Edel the Fairy Orbis Department Store
Neri the Fairy Orbis Weapon Store
Barun Orbis Tower <14th Floor>
Scott El Nath Weapon Store
Rumi El Nath Weapon Store
Hana El Nath Department Store
Glibber Ice Valley II
Patricia Ludibrium
Misky Ludibrium Pharmacy
Hid Ludibrium Weapon Store
Miru Ludibrium Weapon Store
Dr. San Silo
Gumball Machine Eos Tower 26th ~ 40th Floor
Vega Eos Tower 44th Floor
Dori Korean Folk Town
Dori Korean Folk Town
Calypso Department Store
Melias Department Store
Oannes Department Store

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