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The Summoning Rock
Type Collectible

A mythical rock with the power of summoning in it. Used with high-leveled skills.

Required in
Huckle's Spirit Pouch (30x)
Huckle's Spirit Pouch (30x)

Found By: Wild Boar, Fire Boar, Leatty, Lorang, Cellion, Ice Sentinel, Dark Leatty, Jr. Lioner, Jr. Boogie 1, Dark Nependeath, Luster Pixie, Wraith, Lioner, Lucida, Taurospear, Lycanthrope, Drumming Bunny, Dark Axe Stump, White Fang, Master Chronos, Klock, Death Teddy, Master Death Teddy, Grim Phantom Watch, Gigantic Spirit Viking, Thanatos, Pinboom, Zakum3, Plateon, Copper Drake, Chief Gray, Mummydog, Bone Fish, Risell Squid, Shark, Cold Shark, Dark Rash, Hankie, Commander Skeleton, Black Kentaurus, Red Wyvern, Dark Wyvern, Skelosaurus, Wolf Spider, Rash, Jr. Newtie, Nightghost, Wooden Target Dummy
NPC Sell Price 1 mesos
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