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Wisdom Crystal Ore
Type Collectible

An ore of a crystal that possesses wisdom.

Rewarded in
해킹자료 분석 (4x)
Mason the Collector (1x)
Kumo's Request (5x)
죽 요리 배달 (1x)
Giant Swowman's Purple box (4x)
Giant Snowman's Blue Box (4x)
Giant Snowman's White Box (4x)
Porter's Challenge (5x)
Deciphering the Scroll of Secrets (4x)
Back to School Event : MapleStory (4x)
Back to School Event : Wizet (4x)
Back to School Event : Nexon (4x)
악의 기운 봉인 (4x)
햇님이에게 선물을 (3x)
견우 직녀를 위한 오작교!! (4x)
할로윈 사탕 배달!! (1x)
할로윈 사탕배달!!! (2x)
햇님이에게 선물을 (3x)

Found By: Dark Yeti, Ice Sentinel, Fire Sentinel, Dark Leatty, Jr. Lioner, Jr. Boogie 1, Star Pixie, Lunar Pixie, Lioner, Transformed Dark Yeti, White Fang, Lycanthrope, Dark Yeti and Pepe, Brown Teddy, Pink Teddy, Bloctopus, Chirppy, Propelly, Toy Trojan, Robo, Master Robo, Buffy, Buffoon, Ghost Pirate, Iron Boar, Krip, Poopa, Ultra Gray, Moon Bunny, Manon, Wolf Spider, Jr. Newtie, Captain
NPC Sell Price 2,000 mesos
Sell This On the Market


  • *cookie monster*
    November 20, 2011

    break me out of the mental hospital!!

    im in sandiago cew cew clut!

    bring me a 9mil also

    possible some cookies to but thats not the point!

    please whom this may concern

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  • *zosk*
    November 20, 2011

    go onto zosk today!

    im 100 you'l love it and the people!


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  • *joe, fred's friend*
    November 20, 2011

    same as fred, hes my bessssssssssssssst friend


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  • *fred*
    November 20, 2011

    i agree you do need the price people want.


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  • *bob*
    November 20, 2011

    you NEED to get the price the people would want to buy this great object.


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