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MapleTip's Potion Estimater

Ever wondered how many potions you will need for your current level? This calculator estimates how many potions you probably need for the level. Please note that this works only if you use one type of potions and this is only for MP, not HP. This does not include your automated MP healing that occurs every 7 seconds nor does it include other MP skills you use. It only includes the ones that you use to attack mainly. Please also note that this is a rough estimation, so it may be more or less than the amount specified. But the estimation should be close to your actual answer.

To use, just enter the information and then press submit. Enjoy.

How many more monsters do you need to kill to level up? (use the EXP calculator to find out)

How much MP do you use in your magic skill? (For example, maxed magic claw uses 20 MP)

How many times do you have to use your magic skill to kill an enemy?

How much MP do you have?


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