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Henesys Park : Henesys Park
NameHenesys Park : Henesys Park
LocationHenesys Park in Victoria
Mini Map
Quests Looking for the Red Cape, Pia and the Blue Mushroom, A rainbow snail shell that makes wishes come true!?, The Old Snail, Moon Bunny's Rice Cake, Title Challenge - PQ Mania, Title Challenge - Quest Specialist, Title Challenge - Celebrity!, Title Challenge - Diligent Explorer, Title Challenge - Ultimate Warrior, Title Challenge - Ultimate Magician, Title Challenge - Ultimate Archer, Title Challenge - Ultimate Thief, Title Challenge - Ultimate Pirate, Title Challenge - Veteran Hunter, Title Challenge - Maple Idol Star, Title Challenge - Horned Tail Slayer, Title Challenge - Pink Bean Slayer, Title Challenge - Donation King, Wonderful Pet Owner, Outstanding Citizen, Persevering Challenger, Monster Expert, Beginner Adventurer, Junior Adventurer, Veteran Adventurer, Master Adventurer, The Great Maple Book Drive
NPC Pia, Cloy, Mr. Lee, Tory, Dalair, Donation Box, Aramia
Monsters There are no monsters in this map
Portals Henesys, Henesys Game Park, Henesys Market, Pet-Walking Road
Stores There are no stores on this map
Return Map Henesys
Description This is a town map



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