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Dungeon Ellinia Henesys Kerning City
Event Perion Nautilus Lith Harbor

Disciples of the Black Magician

Requires Level: 10

Before Starting Quest:

Started Quest:

Required Items:

Requires Report to Muirhat completed

Finished Quest:


500 Experience


  • *ChaosMil*
    March 05, 2011

    Can Cygnus knight do this?

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  • *alan*
    February 07, 2011

    some pigs have the name mysterios pig are they the deciples?

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  • *Sara *
    December 01, 2010

    I was wondering something: HOW IN THE WORLD DO I FIGHT THE DISIPLES? umm.... can some one tell me: IS IT EASY! oh uh umm... I like pretty rainbows!

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  • *IceeDragon*
    July 16, 2010

    there is no house just continue killing the pigs and the black disciple will appear

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  • *iru*
    June 11, 2010

    the house- click on muirhat and once you do it will say "take me to the place" or something like that under the ETC tab

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  • *dreamsz*
    March 28, 2010

    i cant find the house too    plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • *Piratfyr*
    March 27, 2010

    i need to know, where is the house?? i cant find it...


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