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Progress on Fossil Research

Requires Level: 23

Before Starting Quest:

Started Quest:

Required Items:

1 Weighted Earrings
50 Firewood
1 Fossil Report
1 Stump's Teardrop
100 Leaf
Requires Transporting Drake's Skull completed

Finished Quest:

Rewards (Randomly):

1 Leaf Earrings
3,800 Experience


  • *PerdoOrange*
    August 04, 2011

    Dr.Betty can be found in Ellinia. She's in the actual town. So just look for her in the bottom area's of the town and you'll find her.

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  • *Wendy*
    December 28, 2010

    i looked everywhere and i can't find dr. betty, can you help me?

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  • *gaga*
    April 18, 2010
  • *japie*
    June 04, 2009

    Ty, nice info.

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