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Shumi's Lost Coin

Requires Level: 20

Before Starting Quest:

Started Quest:

Required Items:

1 Shumi's Coin

Finished Quest:

Rewards (Randomly):

30 Return Scroll - Nearest Town
30 Return Scroll to Lith Harbor
30 Return Scroll to Ellinia
30 Return Scroll to Perion
30 Return Scroll to Henesys
30 Return Scroll to Kerning City
30 Return Scroll to Sleepywood
6,000 Experience


  • *Jab*
    November 18, 2011

    Extreme waste of time. Any latency/lag anywhere in the line makes this impossible. Running under 55ms and the server misses 15 of the jump commands.

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  • *HAHA*
    July 07, 2011

    I've Got The COin in Once


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  • *fuckths*
    April 03, 2011

    fuck this quest, it's not even worth it

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  • *Ihatequesting*
    January 14, 2011

    i freaking hate this questand all other jump quests :@


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  • *Wingsadangel*
    July 30, 2010

    ugh! i hate these jump quests. They're so annoying

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  • *deadly*
    July 17, 2010

    how can we get to the treasure chest?

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  • *lolz*
    May 08, 2010


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  • *Unknown*
    December 23, 2009

    buy ticket frm jake and then the ticket gate to go in

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  • *stargobyebye*
    December 15, 2009

    where can u find the coin

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  • *aaron*
    December 01, 2009

    can u guys tell me how 2 find d coin??

    i cant even hit a damage on d jr. wraith and wraith....T.T

    wasted alot of my pots...

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  • *Andrew Suh*
    November 20, 2009

    i dont kno wher to find the coin help

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  • *mulberryo8*
    October 31, 2009

    omg! this quest took me forever xD

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