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Dungeon Ellinia Henesys Kerning City
Others Perion Event Lith Harbor
Quest Kerning City PQ Internet Cafe Ereb
El Nath El Nath Dungeon Ludibrium Nautilus
Mushroom Castle Murueng Rien Everything else



Found In: Ariant, CBD, Crossroads of Ereve, El Nath, Ellinia, Henesys, Herb Town, Kerning City, Korean Folk Town, Leafre, Lith Harbor, Ludibrium, Magatia, Mu Lung, Mushroom Shrine, Nautilus Harbor, New Leaf City - Town Center, Omega Sector, Orbis, Perion, Rien, Sleepywood, Trend Zone Metropolis
Begins Quests: Disappeared Santa Encyclopedia , 행복한 마을의 겨울 준비
Involved In: Maplemas Surprise Party!, Rooney's Breaking News, News Special Report, Disappeared Santa Encyclopedia

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