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60% Scroll for Gloves for ATT
Type Scroll

Improves attack on gloves.
Success rate 60%, weapon att. +2. The success rate of this scroll can be enhanced by Vega's Spell.

Gives 2 Weapon Attack
This item has a success rate of 60%

Found By: Soul Teddy, Mushmom, Mateon, Platoon Chronos, Mixed Golem, Jr. Yeti, Officer Skeleton, Risell Squid, Plateon, Skeleton Soldier, Manon, Electrophant

Rewarded in
해킹자료 분석 (1x)
Jane's Final Challenge (1x)
Helping Kriel Out (1x)
Peace at Eos Tower (1x)
Captain Lord Pirate (1x)
비밀임무 (1x)
Eliminating Blue Mushmom (1x)
Subani's Legacy - Discovery (1x)
Giant Snowman's Red Box (1x)
Giant Snowman's White Box (1x)
Deciphering the Scroll of Secrets (1x)
Back to School Event : MapleStory (1x)
Back to School Event : Wizet (1x)
Back to School Event : Nexon (1x)
악의 기운 봉인 (1x)
NPC Sell Price 1 mesos
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