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Teleport Rock
Type Tools

Remembers 5 maps of your choice. This rock will enable you to #cteleport to the map you remembered#. It can even allow you to #cmove to the map where a certain character is#, provided that the person is in the same channel at the same world.

You can only have a maximum of 1 per slot.

Rewarded in
매일매일 이벤트 3월 6일 (1x)
매일매일 이벤트 3월 13일 (1x)
매일매일 이벤트 3월 20일 (1x)
매일매일 이벤트 3월 27일 (1x)
NPC Sell Price 1 mesos
Sell This On the Market


  • *regretful*
    December 04, 2011

    The VIP Teleport Rock is ALSO a single-use item! It's unfair because the description is misleading. Why give people the option to add locations to their list if it can only be used ONCE?! It's a scam. Don't buy any teleporting rocks. Tell Nexon about this.

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  • *WTF?!*
    February 04, 2010

    Man, Maple needs to tell people that this thing can only be used
    once! The description makes it sound like you can use it alot, and
    that's not right! Please
    tell people it can only be used once. Oh, and is the VIP Teleport Rock
    like that too? If it is, tell people, please.

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