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White Pill
Type Potion

A pill of concentrated white potion, which restores 300 HP. You can carry more pills than potions because they're smaller

Restores 300 HP
You can only have a maximum of 150 per slot.

Sold by: Gumball Machine

Rewarded in
Cleaning Up the Inner Parts of Eos Tower (50x)
Amoria : The Sakura Garden 2 - Finishing Touches (2x)
할로윈 사탕 배달!! (20x)
산타 고양이의 선물준비 (35x)
착한 고양이에게 선물을 (35x)
고양이들의 크리스마스 (35x)
NPC Sell Price 160 mesos
Sell This On the Market


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