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Pet Food Potion Food Antidote

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White Potion
Type Potion

A highly-concentrated potion made out of red herbs.
Recovers 300 HP.

Restores 300 HP

Found By: Ligator, Nependeath, Jr. Cellion, Malady, Fire Boar, Lorang, Cold Eye, Coolie Zombie, Cellion, Leatty, Dark Leatty, Jr. Grupin, Jr. Lioner, Curse Eye, Jr. Boogie 1, Jr. Pepe, Jr. Wraith, Star Pixie, Zombie Lupin, Iron Hog, Jr. Cerebes, Lunar Pixie, Tortie, Dark Nependeath, Wraith, Drake, Croco, Luster Pixie, Lioner, Grupin, Miner Zombie, Jr. Yeti, Green Trixter, Brown Teddy, Drumming Bunny, King Block Golem, Robo, Master Robo, Ratz, Pink Teddy, Black Ratz, Tick, Bloctopus, Platoon Chronos, Chronos, MT-09, Roloduck, King Bloctopus, Chirppy, Helly, Propelly, Planey, Tweeter, Toy Trojan, Tick-Tock, Block Golem, Rombot, Master Chronos, Soul Teddy, Lazy Buffy, Master Soul Teddy, Phantom Watch, Death Teddy, Dual Ghost Pirate, Spirit Viking, Grim Phantom Watch, Deep Buffoon, Iron Boar, Mixed Golem, Bubble Fish, Krip, Mask Fish, Scuba Pepe, Poopa, Poison Poopa, Freezer, Sparker, Barnard Gray, Mateon, Plateon, Mecateon, Flyeye, Retz, Skeledog, Mummydog, Hodori, Moon Bunny, Hogul, Goby, Squid, Dark Drake, Rash, Dual Beetle, Blood Harp, Commander Skeleton, Birk, Black Kentaurus, Red Kentaurus, Blue Kentaurus, Green Eggy Popp, Boomer, Fire Tusk, Alishar, Chipmunk, Straw Target Dummy, Grizzly, Sage Cat, Officer Skeleton, Birk, Reindeer, Wooden Target Dummy, Nospeed
Sold by: Gumball Machine, Mina, Luna, Miki, Mr. Sweatbottom, Glibber

Rewarded in
Dr. Faymus's Request (100x)
DANGER! <1-G. Mushroom> (50x)
DANGER! <2-H. Mushroom> (100x)
Eliminate Monsters from the Site (20x)
Beginner Warrior's Third Training Session (30x)
Beginner Warrior's Last Training Session (50x)
Beginner Magician's Third Training Session (30x)
Beginner Magician's Last Training Session (50x)
Beginner Bowman's Third Training Session (30x)
Beginner Bowman's Last Training Session (50x)
Beginner Thief's Third Training Session (30x)
Beginner Thief's Last Training Session (50x)
Beginner Pirate's Third Training Session (30x)
Beginner Pirate's Fourth Training Session (50x)
Reporting the Training Results (50x)
Reporting the Training Results to Grendel the Really Old (100x)
Reporting the Training Results to Dark Lord (100x)
Reporting the Training Results to Athena Pierce (100x)
Reporting the Training Results to Kyrin (100x)
Food-Hunting for Moppie III (20x)
The Sprayer Elma Borrowed 2 (30x)
Sezan's Sand Bandits (100x)
Giant Swowman's Purple box (100x)
Giant Snowman's Blue Box (100x)
Thanksgiving : Turkey Yellow Egg hunt (1x)
Thanksgiving : Turkey Green Egg hunt (1x)
Festival of Lights - Blessing the Festival reward (5x)
풍요로운 추석 (10x)
월묘와 함께하는 풍요로운 추석 (10x)
풍요로운 한가위 (20x)
월묘와 함께하는 풍요로운 한가위 (20x)
앤의 편지 (30x)
케빈의 빙수 재료 (30x)
페리온으로 만두배달하기 (10x)
지구방위본부로 만두배달하기 (10x)
더위 탈출 프로젝트 중급 1단계 (30x)
할로윈 사탕배달! (20x)
산타 고양이의 선물준비 (35x)
착한 고양이에게 선물을 (35x)
고양이들의 크리스마스 (35x)
카산드라의 황금돼지 (60x)

Required in
A Way to Fight Off Sleep (1x)
NPC Sell Price 160 mesos
Sell This On the Market


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