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Merry Maplemas!

Author: beveee
Type: Fan Video
Views: 6686
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Author: talasyncreator

Date: October 5th, 2008
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i love the snow man event.when does it apear

Author: FlameChocobo

Date: December 26th, 2007
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Merry Maplemas to you too iBev!and BTW, is that a boy on your video or is it your Crusader? Just curious.Edit: Spelling errors >.

Author: spideyjvc

Date: December 17th, 2007
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Nice video, I have no idea if I'm in it or not but yea heheHappy Versal/maplemas (Im a versalmas celebrator )For some reaosn the beginning just made me think "o-o she kinda overdid it with Bevee"So just because of that I have to bring this image back up;Happy holidays!

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