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Romeo and Juliet Quest Magatia None
Free Market Tower of Goddess Ludibrium Poison Forest
Ludibrium Tower Abandoned Tower Devijon Party Ariant
Guild Event Ellinia Korean Folk Town
Perion Henesys Dungeon Ereb
Murueng Raid Kerning City Dungeon Lith Harbor
Rien Orbis El Nath Mureung
Black Dragon Elin Forest


Assistant Red

Found In: , ,

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Fountain Statue

Found In: Sharenian Castle Gate

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Found In: Cygnus Knights

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Found In: , , , , ,

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Found In: 여행을 끝내고, Amoria, Ariant, Boat Quay Town, Ellinia, Henesys, Kerning City, Leafre, Lith Harbor, Ludibrium, Mu Lung, Mushroom Shrine, Orbis, Perion

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